I represent many, many players in the Crowdfunding industry; I speak regularly at Crowdfunding events across the country; and I do my best to keep abreast of trends in the industry – trends that are often being set in motion by my clients!

I also believe strongly in the future of the space and the importance of public education. That, along with enjoying the sound of my own voice, is why I’m always ready to speak with members of the press. Some topics I’m often asked about:

  • Why Crowdfunding is different from traditional capital-raising
  • What are the three “flavors” of Crowdfunding and how they different from and complement one another
  • The role of the SEC
  • Proposals to change Crowdfunding laws
  • The effect of Crowdfunding in various industries, including real estate
  • The evolution of the industry
  • Legal liability in Crowdfunding
  • The intersection of Crowdfunding laws with the securities laws of the 1930s
  • What Crowdfunding is good for, and what it’s not so good for
  • What investors and portals should look for
  • The role of REITs in Crowdfunding

For more information on Crowdfunding, including news, updates and links to important information pertaining to the JOBS Act and how Crowdfunding may affect your business, follow my blog.

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