Republican Dysfunction Could Benefit Crowdfunding — REALLY

During my lifetime we’ve never seen political dysfunction like the dysfunction we’re seeing among House Republicans. Coming just as American leadership could be most helpful, the dysfunction is dangerous, a national embarrassment, all that and much more. Yet it might prove good for Crowdfunding.

An ally of Representative Kevin McCarthy, Representative Patrick T. McHenry of North Carolina was designated “interim Speaker” when McCarthy was dethroned. Nobody knows what “interim Speaker” means or what he or she can do, but now, with Republicans unable to agree on an actual Speaker and no other way out of the cul-de-sac, the idea is circulating to give Rep. McHenry some real power and try to run the place. 

Unprecedented? Sure. But so is the dysfunction among Republicans.

Well, it just so happens that Rep. McHenry was the leading proponent of the JOBS Act, the 2012 law that launched Crowdfunding in all its current forms. Ever since, he has also been a leading proponent of improving the law, making it easier for entrepreneurs to raise capital and for ordinary Americans to participate.

Crowdfunding isn’t exactly high up on the list of priorities for either party. But when you’re Speaker of the House of Representative, or “interim Speaker with special powers,” you get to do stuff. If Rep. McHenry holds his position, I wouldn’t be shocked to see changes to the JOBS Act attached to other legislation, even a bill to help Israel and Ukraine.

To quote someone else, there are two things you never want to see being made:  sausage and law. If the dysfunction among Republicans can help Crowdfunding and the American economy, so be it.

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