Marc Andreessen On The Future Of Title II Crowdfunding Portals (Sort Of)

On the Technology page of yesterday’s New York Times, Nick Bilton reports on an interview with famed tech guru Marc Andreessen.

Mr. Bilton asks Mr. Andreesen, can other cities compete with Silicon Valley?

“In Mr. Andreessen’s view, there shouldn’t be 50 Silicon Valleys. Instead, there should be 50 different kinds of Silicon Valley. For example, there could be Biotech Valley, a Stem Cell Valley, a   3-D Printing Valley or a Drone Valley.”

A different “Valley,” each specializing in a different vertical, with its own ecosystem of entrepreneurs, favorite tweetinvestors, and experts. I believe Title II Crowdfunding portals, now in their infancy, will develop in exactly the same way.

Carve out a niche vertical. Attract investors looking to place bets on the top companies in that vertical. Find the companies. Create the ecosystem.

Mr. Andreessen was talking about real cities, not virtual cities. But in my opinion the point is exactly the same.