Mark Roderick – Crowdfunding Attorney

I am a very boring corporate and securities lawyer. Since the JOBS Act of 2012, I have spent all of my time in the Crowdfunding space and today I am one of the leading Crowdfunding and Fintech lawyers in the United States. I write a widely-read blog,, with a wealth of legal and practical information for portals and issuers. I also speak at Crowdfunding events across the country, and represents industry participants across the country and around the world.

Check back frequently for news, updates and links to important information pertaining to the Jobs Act and how Crowdfunding may affect your business.

Feel free to contact me directly: 

Mark Roderick
Lex Nova Law LLC
10 E. Stow Road, Suite 250
Marlton, New Jersey 08053
t:(856) 382-8402

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10 thoughts on “Mark Roderick – Crowdfunding Attorney

  1. Jason

    I would like to speak with an experienced attorney regarding a crowd funding type web based business I am in the beginning stages of. I will need to establish an attorney for this project and in the process am interviewing some various firms. Please have someone contact me at their convenience. Thanks!!

    Jason Horwitz

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  3. I was hoping to schedule a consult regarding real estate crowdfunding. The principals of our company were hoping to get a better understanding of their liability if a project they sponsor doesn’t perform.

    Andy Baga

  4. Mark,

    I spoke to you about a month ago regarding what the liability is with crowdfunding and real estate. I think we’re ready to create our company now, and would be interested in hiring you to help with that.

    Andrew Baga

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